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Why Invest in Dubai Highly Beneficial in 2022?


In the United Arab Emirates, the real estate business is now the most competitive and profitable business. Maximum businessmen realized why invest in Dubai is highly profitable. Every year millions of foreigners are attracted to luxurious properties. Moreover, the urgency of buying apartments, farmhouses, and properties is increasing for local people. The prosperity and ROI of the real estate business really attract investors throughout the world. It has been found that in the case of long-term investment the index of annual return can be up to 10%.

Why is Dubai such an attractive city for investors?

why invest in dubai

  • Zero Income Tax and only 5% VAT
  • Year-round sunshine
  • Ranked in the top ten safest cities in the world
  • A multicultural hotspot, home to 3 million people and 200 nationalities, with English being the main language
  • Easy place to do business: favorable government legislation, low set-up costs, and relaxation on visas to help aid foreign investment
  • Great infrastructure and transport links, plus the biggest airline hub in the world
  • High standard of living with quality healthcare, top-tier education, stunning hotels and resorts, world-class shopping, and extensive sports and recreational facilities
  • The population is 80% vaccinated and a strong pandemic recovery is underway (especially compared to the rest of the world)
  • A booming property market with stunning new developments being announced regularly
  • High rental returns, with 5-7% net return a realistic average.
  • The minimum financial requirement for a three-year visa through investment in the residential property market has reduced from Dh1 million to AED 750,000

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